Huffman Rd. Corridor

Anchorage, AK

“We spent a lot of time with our design consultants and the public, looking at the potential risks and benefits of the roundabout series. It’s great to see it built and working so well now.” – Kim Rice, DOT&PF’s Director of Design and Construction.

MTJ Engineering provided the roundabout traffic analysis and corridor planning, horizontal design, and design oversight of pavement markings and signage for this series of four roundabouts.

This commercial arterial road had the typical problems associated with commercial corridors, such as:

  • Multiple commercial and residential driveway access points
  • Offset intersections
  • Limited expansion opportunities due to existing land use and available right-of-way
  • Undesirable level-of-service for all modes


  • Business district access management
  • Highly constrained urban context
  • Pedestrian safety and facilitation
  • Roundabout corridor

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