AB Hwy. 11 at Gaetz Ave. & Taylor Rd.

Red Deer, AB, Canada


MTJ Roundabout Engineering was retained by the City of Red Deer to review previous analysis and conduct an independent analysis for the two proposed roundabouts on Hwy. 11 at Gaetz Ave. & Taylor Rd.

MTJ’s role was to determine the reasons for differing results from the two previous analyses, and to perform an independent analysis with Rodel in order to develop laneage recommendations to meet mid- and long-range traffic horizons.


MTJ developed laneage recommendations to optimize safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic while maintaining long- range capacity objectives and adhering to the ROW constraints of the sites.

Our analysis determined that two-lane entry roundabouts with yield RT lanes provide adequate capacity and LOS for the 115k traffic demand for both intersections based on City criteria. For Gaetz Ave. the MTJ option also provides acceptable LOS to the 115k horizon. For Taylor Rd. the MTJ option provides 20-25% additional growth beyond 115k.


  • Resolved differences in previous analyses
  • Provided laneage recommendations for mid- and long-range traffic horizons
  • Facilitated business access/circulation
  • Improved pedestrian safety

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