Award Winner

ACEC Arizona
“Engineering Excellence”

81st St. & Beardsley Rd.

Peoria, AZ


As a subconsultant to Y2K Engineering, MTJ was retained to address delay, queuing, and vehicular and pedestrian safety concerns and issues. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the existing conditions and identify strategies to support improved operations and safety for all modes at this existing roundabout for future traffic.

MTJ reviewed the existing roundabout’s operations and safety record, resulting in the identification of opportunities for improving operational performance and safety for all modes – to include signing, markings, geometrics, and other potential mitigation techniques.

MTJ’s work effort included:

  • Review & documentation of roundabout-specific safety principles
  • Crash and speed data analysis, including a summary of how this roundabout compares to national crash rates
  • Capacity analysis focused on design techniques to improve operational performance for the side streets
  • Pedestrian safety and accommodation techniques discussion
  • Recommendations/alternatives to improve operations & safety


Recommendations included:

  • Pavement marking and signing modifications
  • Operational improvements
  • Pedestrian safety and accessibility enhancements
  • Speed management techniques


  • Review identified ways to improve delay and queuing issues, vehicular safety and pedestrian safety
  • Signing and pavement marking enhancements to improve safety and operations via lane balance at entry
  • Recommended vehicular speed management techniques
  • Pedestrian accommodation/accessibility improvements

MTJ Engineering designed this award-winning roundabout as part of a corridor redevelopment project.  Award: ACEC Arizona “Engineering Excellence” 2011.

The roundabout provides traffic calming through the neighborhood, and its landscaping includes an inscribed circle with native plantings.

MTJ provided the capacity analysis and final horizontal design for this urban, multi-lane roundabout. MTJ’s foundational geometric elements achieved capacity objectives, while maintaining essential design elements that promote safety for all modes – vehicular,  pedestrian, and cyclists.

This urban roundabout serves as a gateway to a residential neighborhood and provides traffic calming for the neighborhood. The landscaping includes an inscribed circle with native plantings.

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