19 St. at 30 Ave. / 40 Ave.

Red Deer, AB, Canada

MTJ Roundabout Engineering, as a subconsultant, provided operational analysis and design services for these two roundabouts on 19 Street at 30 Ave. and 40 Ave. in the City of Red Deer.

The proposed high-volume, multi-lane designs provided acceptable vehicular operations, accommodated large trucks, and provided safety for non-motorized users. Pedestrian safety was a major consideration.

Key to maximizing safety and public acceptance was the development of horizontal geometrics that met build-year and long-range flows while allowing for future capacity expansion for the two traffic horizons with minimal future construction efforts.

Additionally, the design simultaneously provides acceptable LOS for each traffic planning horizon.

MTJ’s designs also accommodated the proposed 4-lane cross-section and future 6-lane cross-section.


  • Designs for two traffic horizons
  • Functional and preliminary designs
  • Ease of future expansion
  • Optimized pedestrian safety
  • Large truck/freight accommodations

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