168th Ave. & W. Frontage Rd.

Lochbuie, CO


MTJ conducted a Phase I Rodel operational analysis, and developed the initial Concept Design, then Preliminary/Final Horizontal roundabout geometrics for the intersection of County Road 2 and 168th Ave. in Lochbuie, CO.


MTJ developed two concept horizontal design recommendations to meet both the 2040 analysis horizon and interim 10-year design. For both design alternatives we identified safety benefits to opening as an interim design with reduced laneage to what is necessary for the estimated 10-year traffic horizon.

These concept interim/ultimate laneage design recommendations were developed in a manner that facilitates ease of transition/conversion from the interim/build condition to the long-range laneage when necessary. Additionally, the designs will require very minor curb work and signing and markings to facilitate the future transition.

The minor curb changes include pulling back of the north-south splitter islands to their ultimate location. The final geometric footprint is established along with all approach alignment work.


  • Constrained context design
  • Addressed long-range predicted traffic flows
  • Interim/ultimate design recommendations

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