Eagle, CO - Grand Avenue Corridor

Eagle, CO – Grand Avenue Corridor

Grand Avenue Corridor

Eagle, CO


The Town of Eagle sought to develop a transformational corridor plan to improve mobility, establish a sense of place, and create interconnectivity for the downtown commercial core. Roundabouts were selected for their ability to achieve these goals and accommodate the necessary through-traffic along the Grand Avenue corridor.

Roundabouts in series and corridors require analyzing and designing the roundabouts as a system, not just individual roundabouts, to ensure correct lane assignments, efficient operations, and optimal safety facilitation.


To achieve the Town’s goals that included maximizing community benefits and minimizing adverse impacts, the project team relied on MTJ’s extensive experience designing roundabouts in series within existing complex corridors.

MTJ’s concept designs were developed to a high level to ensure sound decision- making with respect to feasibility related to operations, adherence to safety design principles, and understanding costs and impacts. Each roundabout’s compact size and shape were developed to maximize available design envelope, minimize adverse impacts to railroad ROW, environmental (Eagle River), and maintain viability of adjacent businesses.

Our performance-based design approach integrated 6 roundabout designs – 2 existing and 4 new – with alternative corridor cross-section assessment, resulting in a preferred multimodal Complete Streets design alternatives focused on pedestrian safety design principles.


  • Roundabout analysis and design for series of 6 roundabouts – 2 existing, 4 new
  • Integration of alternative corridor cross-section assessment with roundabout analysis and design
  • Achieved community benefits while minimizing adverse impacts within a highly constrained context
  • Multimodal, Complete Streets – ped/bike comfort and safety facilitation, transit accommodation

Town of Eagle – Grand Avenue Corridor Plan (JPG)

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Athens, GA - S. Milledge Rd. & Whitehall Rd.

Athens, GA – S. Milledge Rd. & Whitehall Rd.

S. Milledge Rd. & Whitehall Rd.

Athens, GA


As a main corridor for a large population that travels from Oconee County to Athens for employment and education at the University of Georgia, S. Milledge Road and Whitehall Road experienced heavy traffic. Due to a combination of poor sight distance and a poor intersection lane geometry, commuters experienced long delays on this roadway.


MTJ provided the roundabout operational analysis, horizontal design optimization, and vertical design support for this project. To address the traffic and safety concerns while accommodating complex physical constraints, MTJ’s design centered around a non-circular roundabout that would maximize the available right of way and limit adverse impacts to historic and adjacent business properties.

With the successful implementation of this unique compact roundabout, the S. Milledge/Whitehall Road corridor now provides a safer, more efficient roadway for daily commuters.


  • Minimized negative impacts to surrounding properties
  • Preserved business access/circulation
  • Compatible with existing roadway cross sections, providing optimal pedestrian/ bicycle accommodations
  • Accommodated large trucks, transit/school buses, emergency response vehicles

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Palmer, AK - Bogard Rd. & Engstrom Rd.

Palmer, AK – Bogard Rd. & Engstrom Rd.

Bogard Rd. & Engstrom Rd.

Palmer, AK


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided an initial planning level review and recommended sketch level concept development for the proposed roundabout application at Bogard & Engstrom Rds.


Upon completion of the review, MTJ developed two sketch level concept alternatives. Key to the designs was addressing the higher speed context in order to optimize safety and operations.

MTJ’s designs were predicated on application of traffic/highway engineering and roundabout-specific design principles and criteria working together to optimize safety for this application.

Key project outcomes include:

  • Address driver expectancy for high-speed, transitional context
  • Minimize adverse impacts to ROW constraints
  • Accommodate large trucks/freight


  • Rural, ex-urban style context
  • Higher speed, transitional application
  • Design recommendations to address driver expectancy
  • Access control considerations for side streets
  • Full movement ability for the fire station

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Wausau, WI - USH 51 & CTH K

Wausau, WI – USH 51 & CTH K

USH 51 & CTH K

Wausau, WI


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided peer review, capacity analysis and final horizontal geometrics as a subconsultant to the WisDOT-led project team. MTJ provided oversight through 30-60-90% design. Plans included guidance on vertical profile control, pavement markings, signing, landscaping, and lighting.


The interchange improved traffic flow around a highly congested major shopping area with OSOW traffic. This design addressed contextual issues such as closely spaced signals, ROW constraints, and accommodations for large trucks and freight.


  • NB and SB interchange ramps
  • Part of bridge replacement/reconstruction project
  • ROW considerations
  • Major retail area

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Franklin County, OH - Norton Rd. & Kropp Rd. / Grove City Rd.

Franklin County, OH – Norton Rd. & Kropp Rd. / Grove City Rd.

Norton Rd. & Kropp Rd. / Grove City Rd.

Franklin County, OH


MTJ provided a concept horizontal design and planning level construction estimate for this roundabout application.


MTJ’s highly developed concept design optimizes safety for this rural high-speed context and provides accommodations for large trucks/freight vehicles.

MTJ developed a context-appropriate design that minimized adverse impacts (ROW, environmental) and maximized community benefits while adhering to all roadway and roundabout-specific safety design principles. Geometric elements were designed to achieve accessibility objectives, while maintaining essential design elements that promote safety for all modes.

MTJ’s resulting horizontal geometric design was predicated on application of traffic/highway engineering and roundabout-specific design principles and criteria working together to optimize safety for this application.

Key project outcomes include:

  • Address driver expectancy for high-speed context
  • Minimize adverse impacts
  • Accommodate large trucks/freight & OSOW


  • High-speed context
  • Large truck/freight/OSOW vehicle accommodations
  • Addressed driver expectancy for transitional context
  • Longer splitter islands to provide early indication – via channelization – of the changing condition ahead

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SR 135 @ SR 19 CONN, Hazelhurst, GA

Hazelhurst, GA – SR 135 & SR 19 CONN

SR 135 & SR 19 CONN

Hazelhurst, GA

MTJ conducted the Feasibility Study, which included operational analysis and design alternatives for the GA DOT for this roundabout located in Jeff Davis County, near Hazelhurst, GA.

The alternative roundabout design minimized ROW impacts to existing developed land and improved visibility for high-speed approaches.

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SR 5 & CR 174/Dorsett Shoals Rd. and CR 198/Banks Mill Rd./Pool Rd., Douglas County, GA

Douglas County, GA – SR 5 & CR 174 / Dorsett Shoals Rd. & CR 198 / Banks Mill rd. & Pool Rd.

SR 5 & CR 174 / Dorsett Shoals Rd. & CR 198 / Banks Mill Rd. & Pool Rd.

Douglas County, GA

As requested by GA DOT, MTJ reviewed the Draft Concept Report prepared by others for the intersection of SR 5 @ CR 174 /Dorset Shoals Rd. & CR 198/Banks Mill Rd./Pool Rd. located in Douglas County, GA.

Based on this analysis and review, MTJ developed two additional concepts that were recommended to be included as part of the feasibility component of this Concept Report.

Additionally, our operational analysis concluded that based on GA DOT policy, this project needed an interim and ultimate design approach, and MTJ developed a concept solution for this roundabout application.

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I-285 & Riverside Dr., Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA – Interstate 285 & Riverside Dr.

Interstate 285 & Riverside Dr.

Atlanta, GA

MTJ reviewed the proposed designs for both roundabouts for operations and safety.

We designed a highly developed concept for horizontal geometric recommendations and vertical/grading recommendations for the northerly most roundabout (WB off ramp), and horizontal design modifications for the EB ramp roundabout to promote consistency in design application between these two closely spaced roundabouts.

We completed an operational and horizontal review for both roundabouts and developed the essential minimal recommendations to provide optimal safety and improve operations.

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Milledgeville & N. Leg Rds., Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA – Milledgeville Rd. & N. Leg Rd.

Milledgeville Rd. & N. Leg Rd.

Augusta, GA

MTJ provided the final horizontal geometric recommendations for the proposed roundabout.

We developed a roundabout design aimed at minimizing impacts to the adjacent properties and maintaining existing and future commercial access needs.

The proposed roundabout design met the safety, operational and large vehicle objectives for this project, designed to accommodate the movement of a mobile home through this intersection and WB 62 vehicles for all movements.

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