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MTJ Engineering

MTJ Roundabout Engineering’s Mark T. Johnson, P.E., brings over 20 years of traffic planning and engineering experience, including 17 years focused on solving complex traffic problems through the application of modern roundabouts. Mark has provided design and QA/QC services for over 800 roundabouts, many of them award winning.

Mr. Johnson’s roundabout experience includes project implementations over the entire range of traffic conditions and contexts, and forms the foundation for unparalleled breadth and depth of experience. Mark has a successful record of providing reliable and safe roundabout design applications that are well-liked by the community, businesses, and elected officials.

Areas of Expertise

• Roundabout Design and Peer Review
• Feasibility, Traffic Planning and Analysis
• QA/QC – Peer Review Services
• OSOW Freight Accommodations
• Signing and Marking Design
• In-Service Review and Optimization
• 2-D, 3-D, and Simulation Visualization
• Context Sensitive Design
• Public Outreach / Design Charrettes
• Seminars / Training / Education

Roundabout Engineering Excellence

Building on over 20 years of traffic and transportation engineering experience, Mark T. Johnson, P.E. offers distinct expertise in complex modern roundabout planning, analysis and design based on proven design principles and techniques. His technical design methodology combined with effective communication and presentation skills have proven particularly valuable in delivering solutions to complex traffic problems that are well-liked by the driving public, adjacent businesses, government representatives, elected officials, and other stakeholders.

About Mark T. Johnson, P.E.

Experience & Credentials

Mark Johnson founded MTJ Engineering, LLC following 12 years of public- and private-sector transportation engineering positions, including four years for the City of Loveland, Colorado and four years at the Wisconsin DOT. He has provided design, design oversight and/or design review services for private and public sector clients in 26 states and two Canadian provinces.

Mentored extensively by U.K. roundabout design expert Barry Crown, Mark’s experience encompasses a full range of traffic flows and contexts, including urban constrained sites, high-speed approaches, complex multi-lane roundabouts in series and interchanges.
He earned a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Transportation Engineering emphasis) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1993. His P.E. designation is registered in many states in the US. His professional affiliations include ITE, TRB, and ASCE.

Nationally Recognized Expert

Mark has presented more than 20 roundabout design training seminars in the US and Canada to members of transportation agencies and private consultancies. He has presented at local, regional and national conferences including TRB, ITE, and ASCE. Furthermore, he developed a course on roundabout design for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering Professional Development based on the FHWA Roundabout Guide, and delivered the two-day course nine times to over 500 Engineers from across the US.


• Mark Johnson is a co-author of the 2010 FHWA Roundabout Design Guide (NCHRP 672), as part of the consultancy team providing these services.
• MTJ has provided expert roundabout design, design review and analysis services for over 400 projects in 26 states and two Canadian provinces, and State, County and Municipal roadway agencies.
• Mark has provided training to over 1,000 engineers representing hundreds of roadway agencies, and consulting engineers from across the US.
• Mark has worked to advance the design knowledge and engineering requirements for successful roundabout implementation across the US.  As a key team member Mark has played a significant role in the development of roundabout programs for the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other roadway agencies, obtaining the Wisconsin DOT’s Quality Service Award for his “dedication and significant efforts.”