MTJ Roundabout Academy

MTJ Roundabout Academy

Registered Continuing Education Program

MTJ Roundabout Academy has met
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Registered Continuing Education Program.


Accelerating knowledge and implementation of roundabouts

The MTJ Roundabout Academy is dedicated to providing knowledge for the advancement of well-designed modern roundabout applications to meet the challenging, and often competing, needs within our transportation systems.

The Academy provides the necessary Knowledge, Skills, Resources and Information to understand the essential requirements for successful roundabout applications.

Properly analyzed and designed roundabouts are a proven safety countermeasure, congestion relief improvement, and offer traffic planning solutions where none exist with conventional signal improvements.

The Academy can teach you how to properly analyze, design and apply modern roundabouts to achieve solutions and optimal safety for all users.

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1. Training Workshops

2. Implementation Challenges

3. Technical Resources

4. Training Expertise

1. Training Workshops

Customizable online or on-site training, and knowledge transfer through peer review services.


Our courses provide the design professional with the necessary knowledge, skills, and information to understand the operational analysis, traffic planning and design requirements for successful roundabout implementation.


  • Traffic, Project & Transportation Engineers
  • Designers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Traffic & Transportation Planners
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Construction Engineers

C-TEP Training

Customizable to Meet Your Needs
1, 2, and 3-day workshops available!


MTJ’s principal instructor, Mark Johnson, PE, has extensive experience in the application of and providing training in roundabout operational analysis, design, and implementation.

The Academy uses a combination of lecture, case studies and hands-on exercises to provide effective learning for real-world applications.

“I learned a lot during this workshop, from Mark’s knowledge and innovative, practical approach to aspects of the design and analysis process.” – Scott Larson, P.E., City of Coralville, IA

MTJ Academy Training Topics


Understand and apply the benefits of roundabouts in the overall roadway/traffic planning process


Perform operational/traffic analysis to determine necessary laneage and allow for selection of safe geometrics


Apply design techniques to enhance pedestrian and bike safety


Apply geometric safety design principles to ensure optimal safety for all modes


Avoid the mistakes of poorly planned, designed or constructed roundabouts

“MTJ has provided valuable applied roundabout training for attendees from our constituent organizations over the past decade. Mark’s roundabout design courses are always well received by our students.” – Neil Little, Executive Director, Centre for Transportation Engineering and Planning
“Over the past 4 years of instruction, Mark’s evaluation showed overall satisfaction of 4.7 out of 5.0, which is excellent.” – Daphne Hinks, Program Manager, Educational Program Innovations Centre
“I learned a lot about how to analyze a roundabout that I am currently working on. This workshop gave me new ideas on how to analyze roundabouts and improve the designs.” – Bill Crawford, PE, Colorado DOT
“Mark Johnson’s presentation to over 70 participants was widely applauded and I can only add my enthusiastic endorsement to his depth and breadth of knowledge of the subject as well as a direct and straightforward ability to transfer his knowledge to others of all skills and backgrounds.” – Tony Redington, Burlington, VT

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Roundabout Training Curricula
Developed & Presented by MTJ

Roundabout Special Topics – California DOT (Caltrans)

Rodel Roundabout Analysis Software: 2-Day Workshop – California DOT (Caltrans)

Roundabout Design Course Instructor, University of Wisconsin, Civil and Environmental Engineering – Professional Development

Co-Instructor with FHWA in Every Day Counts 2 program for Florida DOT and Arkansas DOT in Roundabout Design and Implementation

Roundabout Design Training Instructor for the Centre for Transportation Engineering and Planning (CTEP) – Canada

Roundabout Design Training Instructor for Educational Program Innovations Centre (EPIC) – Canada

Modern Roundabout Design curricula developed for DOTs in MN, WI, CO, AZ

Instructed multiple roundabout application training webinars for ITE and TRB

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2. Implementation Challenges

Learn effective communication techniques to overcome public involvement challenges.


Modern roundabout can produce high levels of controversy. In fact, public perception is often a significant contributing factor to a project’s chance of implementation. Therefore, it is imperative that positive public perception be established from the beginning of a project and managed throughout the process. Managing public perception is not an easy task, especially when a project is perceived as undesirable.

Informative presentations allow for community members and decision makers to fully grasp the proposed alternatives. Presenting complex technical information in a way that the general public can easily understand and appreciate is paramount in gaining public support.

Public Perception / Outreach


Let the Academy help you manage public perception and communicate your design alternatives and their intent to the stakeholders.

MTJ’s Mark Johnson has 20 years of experience communicating technical information in an easily understood manner that has proven effective for successful project implementation.

Put the Academy’s 20 years of experience to work for your projects. We offer experienced public outreach services for the implementation of challenging projects.

MTJ Academy can assist your project team 
to prepare and deliver informative, effective presentations that address public concerns regarding implementing roundabouts.

“The mayor shared that a resident softened his opposition to the project after listening to Mark’s presentation.” – Greg Muhonen, Public Works Director, Estes Park, CO

Work-Study Sessions

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Development of Modern Roundabouts
Understand the science & origins of roundabout design

Learn how roundabouts improve safety for all modes

Emergency Response, Freight, Trucks
Learn how roundabouts accommodates these vehicles

Peds, Bike, ADA
Understand the design techniques to meet ped/bike/ADA objectives

Roadway Planning Opportunities & Benefits
How roundabouts offer solutions unachievable with signals

Public Involvement
Overcome challenges & create successful implementation strategies


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3. Technical Resources

Topical/practical papers, videos, and posters by MTJ on key roundabout design and operation issues.

MTJ Posters
MTJ Posters 

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4 Ways to Improve Driver Messaging & Information Processing

Traffic Planning Implications of the Operational Characteristics of Roundabout

Signing & Pavement Marking of Multi-Lane Roundabout

Public Outreach & Roundabouts – Overcoming Challenges

Power Brief
MTJ Power Brief 

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Pedestrians – Accessibility – Safety: Roundabout Design for Non-Motorized Users

MTJ Technical Papers & Videos 

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Safety Impacts of Signing & Pavement Markings on Property-Damage-Only Crashes at Multi-lane Roundabouts
Paper | Video

A Case for Geometrically-Based Roundabout Capacity Equation Modeling

Impact of Geometric Factors on the Capacity of Single-lane Roundabouts
Paper | Video

Design Optimization for Safety & Operations of Multi-lane Roundabouts
Paper | Video

Synthesis of Roundabout Design & Operations with Flared Entries

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4. Training Expertise


Mark Johnson, PE, is the principal instructor for the MTJ Roundabout Academy. Mark has spent over 20 years applying and teaching about modern roundabouts to achieve traffic and transportation solutions within the overall context of the roadway system.


Mark’s work has included both public (city and state) and consultancy experience focused on traffic, transportation engineering and planning with roundabouts. Mark’s unparalleled level of experience spans all types of roundabout applications and contexts. Mark has been involved in the planning, design, and redesign of nearly 1,000 roundabouts. Mark was a co-author of the FHWA 2010 Roundabout Guide (NCHRP 672), a key contributor to the WIDOT Roundabout Program, and is an FHWA Peer-to-Peer Qualified Roundabout Reviewer. Mark is an active member of the TRB Roundabout Committee, Vice Chair of the ITE Roundabout Committee, and has authored technical papers on important topics regarding roundabout design.


Mark works as technical area expert on project teams, providing roundabout analysis and design, peer review, and safety audit of problematic roundabouts. This experience gives him a unique perspective as to the training needs of the industry.


  • Professional Engineer in 22 states and Canada
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB)


BS, Civil Engineering – University of Wisconsin, Madison


  • Vice Chair of ITE Roundabout Committee
  • Active member of the TRB Roundabout Committee
  • Special Recognition Research Partnership 2014 – Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota: Effect of Signing and Striping on the Safety of a Two-Lane Roundabout

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