Why MTJ for Roundabout Engineering?

Since 2005 MTJ Engineering’s Mark Johnson, P.E., has been certified for all levels of complexity for roundabout engineering, design and review. He works as a technical area expert to many state agencies and consultancies to provide consistent and reliable roundabout design, analysis, and application services to solve complex roadway issues. He has played a key role in the analysis, design, public outreach and construction of over 400 successful roundabouts in the U.S and Canada.

Mark Johnson’s 18 years of focused traffic and transportation engineering experience includes 16 years of hands-on roundabout analysis, design, design review, and application experience that includes implementations over the entire range of traffic conditions, and contexts to include high-speed rural to high-capacity urban constrained roundabout applications in series.

Mark’s combination of traffic engineering and roundabout application experience are predicated on sound traffic and transportation engineering design criteria and principles – consistent  with FDM, TGM, FHWA, and MUTCD. That has led to the creation of reliable, safe roundabout design applications that are well liked by the driving public, community and elected officials.

Key Roundabout Engineering Experience:

  • Design and Oversight on Over 400 Roundabouts in the U.S. and Canada
  • OSOW Accommodation Reviews Vertical and Horizontal
  • 3D Visualization Development and Graphics Development
  • Community Outreach and Consensus Building
  • Key Contributor to the WIDOT FDM Roundabout Guidance
  • National TRB and ITE Roundabout Committees Member
  • Co-Author of the 2010 FHWA Roundabout Guide (NCHRP 672) Design Section


Ongoing Focus:
Roundabout design, design review, safety evaluations, ICE reports, and appropriate application of roundabouts within intersection alternatives studies. This includes corridor planning/feasibility, business access, pedestrian and bicycle/vulnerable users accommodations, and freight accommodations.

Public Outreach:
Mark’s training and experience in the application of the Systematic Development of Informed Consent (SDIC), presentation and communication skills have proven extremely effective for successful public outreach, consensus-building and project implementation of many controversial projects. Many were the first roundabouts in their area.

Services Provided:

  • ICE Studies
  • Vertical and Horizontal Design
  • QA/QC – Peer Review Services
  • OS/OW Review and Design
  • Signing and Marking Design
  • In-Service Review and Optimization
  • 2-D, 3-D, and Simulation Visualization
  • Context Sensitive Design
  • Public Outreach/Design Charrettes
  • Seminars/Training/Education