MTJ Roundabout Engineering, LLC provides modern roundabout engineering services to assist communities and transportation agencies to solve roadway transportation problems.

Why Roundabouts?

Communities and transportation agencies face numerous competing objectives when contemplating roadway improvements. Considerations of safety, capacity, and cost must be weighed and evaluated with the unique set of characteristics that each roadway presents. Finding the right balance between inherently competing needs requires thoughtful planning, innovative design, and solid engineering.

Modern roundabouts are a potential solution in many roadway improvement projects. Properly designed, planned, and implemented modern roundabouts can increase the efficiency of the transportation system, enhance community aesthetics, maintain good business access, and improve the accessibility and safety of all users of our roadways.

Why MTJ Engineering?

Mark T. Johnson, P.E. established MTJ Roundabout Engineering to provide expert traffic and transportation engineering for modern roundabouts in the U.S. Recognized by colleagues as a top-tier roundabout designer, Mark combines extensive experience in proven design methods with effective communication.

MTJ Roundabout Engineering’s commitment to excellence in roundabout design has been honored with a variety of industry awards.

Mark Johnson understands the inherently competing community objectives in transportation projects. He has worked with engineers, staff, elected officials, boards, commissions, councils and the general public to conceive of context sensitive solutions to roadway improvements.  Mark approaches each project with a consistent and proven design methodology predicated on distinguishing the problem, identifying alternatives, and applying sound engineering in a highly developed design that solves the problem.

Extensive Experience

Mr. Johnson’s extensive and diverse traffic and transportation engineering experience spans 18 years and includes many perspectives: from municipal transportation development review, to state DOT project development, to consulting traffic engineering & planning.

Mark has been involved with approximately 400 roundabout projects ranging from low-volume traffic calming to major high-volume intersections and interchanges, including both rural and urban locations.

Proven Design Methods

Mark’s approach to modern roundabout design relies on proven design methods. He employs “best practices” based on decades of field engineering experience and research covering the entire range of traffic flows, site conditions, and constraints.

Since 1995, Mark has completed extensive studies in roundabout design methods, together with training and mentoring from the most experienced roundabout design experts in the US and UK. In-depth study, close mentoring with world experts, and hands-on experience with dozens of complex projects provide Mark with modern roundabout design experience and ability that are unsurpassed in the U.S.