Why MTJ for Roundabout Engineering?

Thank you for your interest in MTJ Roundabout Engineering’s qualifications and experience.


MTJ Roundabout Engineering’s mission is to provide solutions to complex traffic problems through excellence in roundabout analysis, design, and implementation.

MTJ works on project teams as a technical area expert providing roundabout and related traffic planning services to deliver exceptional projects to communities throughout North America.


Our experience is truly unparalleled in both breadth and depth of experience in modern roundabout applications over the entire range of contexts and implementations. The MTJ team’s experience encompasses all aspects of traffic planning and transportation engineering associated with complex roadway and intersection projects.


Our services are focused on balancing competing needs to meet community goals and objectives, leading to the achievement of solutions to problems that others often overlook. This is accomplished by evaluating the entire roadway context to optimize safety and operational opportunities provided by roundabouts for all modes, while also minimizing impacts and maintaining acceptable costs.


On our website we share many of our select projects that illustrate our breadth and depth of roundabout applications. These projects encompass a broad range of contexts and decision-making environments and include many award-winning designs.

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